Small businesses

You may be new to payroll management and compliance but have a small team to pay and records to keep. Payroll outsourcing enables small business owners to get on with building their businesses without compliance worries.


Medium businesses

You may have an accounts and HR person with some or all of the required payroll knowledge. Payroll outsourcing means you won't have to maintain and manage payroll full time. This will enable your staff to concentrate on their other important responsibilities.

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Large businesses

You have a payroll department that deals with large amounts of staff and employee data. Large businesses benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of payroll outsourcing. Use us as a payroll bureau and processing hub via our HR solutions.

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Streamlined payroll and employee record management solutions that increase data accuracy and processing efficiency

Payroll outsourcing means you can handover your payroll and meet your employee and statutory obligations with ease. You send us your payroll and employee data and we'll send you epayslips or payslips together with relevant management reports.

Increase organisation and efficiency with payroll outsourcing and accurate employee data management systems. Use HR solutions that manage payroll data and employee records that intuitively sync with your payroll systems.


Trusted by smart businesses, big and small

From large international corporates to small local businesses, over 1,100 businesses trust our team at the Payroll Service Company for simpler, hassle free and efficient payroll services. That equates to over 40,000 payslips every month! 

With a Disaster Contingency Plan in place, PSC ensures your employees will be paid accurately and on time, all the time.