Why outsource your payroll to PSC?

Save time and money by outsourcing your payroll. To establish the scale of the cost benefit of outsourcing to The Payroll Service Company, consider how much you might be paying (both in time and wages) for collating timesheets, recruiting and employing specialist staff to run the payroll along with ongoing training to keep up with legislative changes, printing, distribution costs and software licences to name a few.

Outsource to improve accuracy.

It’s expensive to employ specialist trained payroll staff to simply run your payroll so often becomes a secondary task of the accounts department. A potential lack of time and knowledge could mean they are not dedicated to the task at hand and the complex process is labelled as a “month-end job”, often rushed. All of our staff are expertly trained with the majority holding CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) payroll degrees which means they are fully qualified, dedicating all of their time to running your payroll with accuracy.

Outsource for a contingency plan.

The Payroll Service Company has a dedicated team of people managing our off-site Disaster Recovery premises. That means your payroll is guaranteed to be run on time, every time*. We have a set-up to ensure that in the event of a major disaster such as a fire, flood or electricity down time, we are able to quickly re-locate to our Contingency Site and continue business as usual causing no tangible disruption to clients.

Outsource for a faster turnaround.

Payroll is time critical and the consequences of failing to pay your staff can be profound. With our team of over 30 expert staff, we ensure your payroll is processed in a timely manner, whatever your pay period. Clients also benefit from our team being on hand for payroll advice and support during offices hours making payroll headaches a thing of the past!

Outsource to cut risks.

If you process your payroll in-house, it means you have the burden of staying up-to-date with payroll legislation. It’s your responsibility to know when the changes have been made and to implement them correctly, if not you could incur substantial fines. Here at The Payroll Service Company, we hold regular review meetings to discuss upcoming legislation changes and inform clients via our bi-annual newsletters explaining how the changes will affect their business. Outsourcing your payroll means you alleviate the risks involved and remain compliant throughout the tax year and beyond.

Outsource to PSC and let us become your payroll department, who you can trust.

*your payroll input must be submitted within our processing timescales