As covered in our year-end communications to clients, the Gender Pay Gap regulations came into force from 6th April 2017 obliging employers with more than 250 employees to analyse and publish details of the gender pay gaps within their organisation. When evaluating headcount for this purpose, employers will need to consider employees, workers and self-employed workers personally performing work for the organisation.

It is necessary for the employer to calculate details of 'pay' and 'bonus' payments made, using the snapshot date of 05/04/17 for pay and the average of the 2016/17 tax-year for bonus.

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Once gathered the employer is obliged to publish this information on their official website for at least three years and must also upload details to a Government website. The published report must also contain a written statement confirming its accuracy.


The first report must be published and uploaded no later than 4th April 2018 and thereafter will be an annual reporting obligation.

PSC have processes available to assist clients needing to gather information for gender pay gap reporting. Should you need our assistance, please contact us.