At PSC, we are concerned that organisations are not being made sufficiently aware of the implications of workplace pension change.

Cursory research suggests that the vast majority of small businesses are not aware of the obligations facing them. As a result, PSC has launched a campaign to alert everyone who may be affected by providing as much information as possible and directing clients and non-clients alike to unbiased, informative resources. To help get you get started on understanding auto enrolment, see The Pensions Regulator website as your first port of call.

From April 2012, all businesses and up to 11 million workers are, in some way, affected by auto enrolment. To find out your company staging date (the date that auto enrolling your employees into a pension scheme becomes compulsory ) see our previous article Auto Enrolment Staging Dates

Auto Enrolment
PSC's auto enrolment options are providing popular with clients who have already passed their staging date. These options range from basic reports to assessment automation and interface files that clients can use to communicate with their pension provider. 



1. Every employer in the UK will be affected by auto enrolment

Even those paying a salary to a spouse will need to consider a pension

2. Employers with no employees in the pension scheme still have responsibilities

They will still need to perform many administrative tasks each and every pay period

3. Employers will need to keep records for up to 6 years 

This applies irrespective if no employees enrol in a pension scheme

4. Employers have a strict deadline to be ready for

The deadline (staging dates) are based upon the number of employees as at April 2012

5. All employers must already be fully compliant by their staging date

This can include having a compliant pension scheme in place ready to accept employees

6. Employers are required, by law, to inform their employees 

They will need to write to all employees at the right time so people know how it will affect them

7. Preparation and decisions will affect employers and the future of their business

Employers should start well in advance of their staging date to make well informed decisions, as their choices and actions will have lasting impact

8. Employers could face large fines or even imprisonment for non-compliance

The pensions regulator can inspect any aspect of the pension compliance process and can fine and even imprison offenders of persistent non-compliance

Useful Websites:

The Pensions Regulator is responsible for ensuring employers comply with new laws to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension. The Pensions Regulator's website has information regarding employer staging information, technical guidance, interactive tools and letter templates to help employers inform their workers about auto enrolment. 

The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for the policy, legislation and communications to individuals relating to the changes in law. If you would like more details on the policy background and background behind the changes go to 



Individuals and workers can find out more about how auto enrolment into a workplace pension might affect them by visiting

The Pensions Advisory Service is an independent, non-profit organisation which provides free advice about pensions. For more information visit 

The Pension Tracing Service can help individuals keep track of their workplace pensions. Many people move jobs several times in their working lives, so it's important for them to keep track of their pensions. The Pension Tracing Service could help provide them with contact details of a long lost pension


Click here to download FAQ's on auto enrolment.