Auto enrolment solution

Since the inception of Auto Enrolment (AE) legislation, PSC has assisted hundreds of clients through the staging process to ensure they comply with these complex obligations.

Introducing the "ONE-STOP" Auto Enrolment Solution for PSC Clients

For those clients who have already passed through the process, a number of key independent decisions and responsibilities, such as pension scheme choice, workforce assessment options, contribution postponement and scheme certification, have been required in order to implement AE effectively. Clients have also found themselves dealing with several different entities (i.e. Pension Company, financial advisor, payroll bureau), in order to get AE firmly in place.

We have listened to feedback from clients and have found a solution that removes much of the above complexity.

Clients with staging obligations in 2016 and 2017 were invariably smaller organisations with fewer employees and less resources. We were conscious that this section of our client base required a straightforward AE solution whereby the organisation abides by the legislation without investing large amounts of time in the process. With this is mind, we partnered with an external organisation, Creative Auto Enrolment, to provide clients with a solution that removes the difficult decisions but still provides a quality scheme and full AE compliance.

As we see it, the benefits of Creative's AE services are as follows:

  • Complete solution - it deals with all the employee communication, pension and administration issues.
  • Provides a payroll interface using the existing payroll service we operate for you.
  • No complicated decisions about how to comply - their scheme has been designed using the options that are usually the most appropriate for employers with future staging dates.
  • Integrated HMRC - approved master trust pension scheme investing with Sottish Widows - one of the UK's best known and respected insurance companies.
  • Removes the risk of fines for non-compliance.
  • No employee queries to handle, Creative have helplines that your employees can call if they have any questions.

In terms of setting up a scheme for AE using PSC and Creative, you will simply need to contact one of our AE specialists, Ammelle (, Jessica (, Michelle O'Neill ( or Ryan (, who will set-up your organisation with Creative from your staging date and look after the entire process on your behalf. The only administration you will need to do is some initial contractual paperwork and agreement of PSC's competitive fees for looking after the process. 

More details on the scheme can be found on Creative's website:

All UK businesses with employees must adhere to AE legislation. The Pensions Regulator ( is the statutory body set-up by the UK Government to enforce legislation and has powers to fine businesses for non-compliance. We have been urging clients to make firm plans with regards to AE, and out association with Creative will work alongside our bespoke AE offerings that we have developed thus far.