NATIONAL PAYROLL WEEK! 1st - 5th September 2014

National Payroll Week recognises the contribution that payroll makes to the UK economy, especially as taxable income accounts for nearly half of all taxable revenues through the (approximate) £470bn total tax revenue paid to the government with £152bn through income tax and £102bn through NI.

In addition, this year’s National Payroll Week will focus on how payroll can assist in educating the nation with regards to raising their financial awareness and understanding, especially in relation to automatic enrolment, and therefore play an important part in their organisation’s total reward strategy.

PSC is celebrating National Payroll Week with posters, balloons and staff getting involved in either eating or baking cakes! Get involved too and let us know what you’re doing to celebrate. Tweet us: @PSCCambridge or get involved on Facebook: PayrollServiceCompany