Increase organisational efficiency with effective personnel management. 


Easily input the data needed to administrate and process your payroll through our personnel management system with HR facilities. That means you'll have easy access to up-to-date pay records and reports. Our solutions and personnel management systems are easy to use and provide resilient security, accuracy and efficiency.

Our solutions include:

  • Employee record management such as absence, sickness, holiday, career and training history and data

  • Staff diary and scheduling system

  • Storing documents and correspondence and more personnel management tools...

Payroll Link HR

HR solutions best for companies of up to 50 employees — foundation level HR data and personnel management with a link to the payroll service.

  1. Fifteen information screens record an individual's absences, correspondence, payroll and payment records, working patterns, career history and exit interviews.
  2. Events can be scheduled weeks ahead.
  3. Reports on both personnel and payroll data.
  4. Automatic correspondence, forms and memo filing brings efficiency and organisation.

Payroll HR

HR solutions best for companies with 50+ employees — advanced HR data and personnel management features that come in addition to what the Payroll Link offers.

  1. Information screens record additional data such as training, appraisals, disciplinary records and much more.
  2. Events can be scheduled months ahead.
  3. Any data can be instantly reported and quickly converted into graphs with statistical, text and graphical tools available.
  4. Hold copies of images such as photographs, driving licences and signatures.
  5. Access a range of flexible tools and time saving benefits.

HR solutions and personnel management features

Sync your HR data via our payroll service

Your organisation's HR data can link and sync with our payroll service making personnel management much simpler and enabling HR teams to have access to pay records with the ability to record and report as appropriate.

Manage staff time effectively

The staff diary ensures better management of workforce time with more accurate results. Event scheduling, notes and filing are part of the system that are automatically recalled when due.

Control at your finger tips

With the system supervision you have complete control over modules, sub-records, departments, grades, job titles, location, payrolls and data fields. Also available are multi user facilities, back ups and data restoration, local and global system settings, system maintenance utilities and lots more.

Simple data input

A quick, simple and consistent data input system that results in more accuracy.

Easy search

More security

Confidential information vital for your organisation and personal to your employees is more secure. A wide range of access restrictions are available.

More organisation

Record information in one place for easy reference.

Useful archiving

Comprehensive archiving facilities enabling year end maintenance and data clean up.

Increased efficiency

You can simplify personnel management. Routine tasks can be made easier and payroll supervisors relieved of time consuming administrative tasks.



A PSC approved "partner" for your HR legislation queries.

In these days of ever changing employment legislation, and to provide assistance in this complex area, PSC have been associated with Rob Bryan Associates for many years.  

Rob Bryan Associates Limited (RBA) provides employers with a complete support service to deal with all employment matters. Whether your business is expanding or starting up, employs 5 or 250 people, has an internal HR / personnel function or not, RBA can help.

Many clients retain the company on an annual basis. For a modest fee you could have unlimited access to an assigned employment expert via telephone, email and face to face visits. All services include the drafting, update or review of all contractual terms and conditions, employment documents together with relevant polices, rules and procedures. Clients also receive regular proactive updates via face to face visits throughout the year on employment matters concerning their own particular circumstances.

RBA also provides consultancy advice in relation to Employment Tribunal, business mergers and acquisitions, reorganisation, recruitment, HR training and Health and Safety support.

Any PSC clients wishing to utilise their services have the benefit of an initial “free of charge”, no obligation exploratory call to discuss any employment issue. 

For further details email quoting PSC as your source of enquiry.